November Debate Will Be in Georgia, With 8 Democratic Candidates So Far

The first Democratic presidential debate was hosted by NBC News in June.

The gradually increasing requirements have...

The gradually increasing requirements have steadily culled the field of debaters and, to a lesser extent, the Democratic field as a whole. Twenty candidates qualified for each of the first two debates, when they needed only 65,000 donors or 1 percent in three polls. But only 10 met the higher requirements for the third debate; two more met them in time for the October debate.

The fourth debate next week will be hosted by CNN and The New York Times[1].

Mr. Sanders, who is recovering from a heart attack, is still expected to participate[2] in next week’s debate. On Tuesday morning, before seeing a new cardiologist, he told reporters that he had felt unusually fatigued for the past month or two, and that he “should have listened to those symptoms.”

Sydney Ember contributed from Burlington, Vt.


  1. ^ will be hosted by CNN and The New York Times (
  2. ^ is still expected to participate (

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