Free $6,000 debit card to be handed out to Americans – you can start applying for the direct payment in just 48 HOURS

Free $6,000 debit card to be handed out to Americans – you can start applying for the direct payment in just 48 HOURS

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SOME Americans are eligible for free debit cards worth $6,000 through a guaranteed income program, and they can start applying for direct payment in only 48 hours.

Northwestern University has partnered with the city of Evanston, Illinois to launch a pilot program for ‘guaranteed income.’

Getty – ContributorThe city of Evanston in Illinois has now initiated a pilot program for guaranteed income along with multiple cities across the country[/caption]

According to the guidelines of the initiative, all participants will receive a $500 preloaded debit card once a month for a year — and there will also be no restrictions on what the card can be used for.

Applications are being accepted from August 15 through August 29 and can be found on the Evanston city website.

Participants must reside in Evanston within a household where the combined income is at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Line, while also fitting into one of the groups below:

Adults 18-24 years oldAdults 62 years old and olderUndocumented community members

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Although, it begs the question as to where this money comes from for the program to be operational.

Aside from $700,000 from Federal Rescue Plan funds, most of the money comes from Northwestern University and the city, per the program outline.

The idea is that the payments should supplement other programs that are already in place.

Northwestern University researchers plan on studying the impact of the payments on families, per the program.

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However, the guaranteed income idea isn’t just limited to Evanston either, with multiple cities around the United States developing their own programs.

There are struggling families in Phoenix, Arizona that have the opportunity to receive $1,000 debit cards for one year.

Although, in order to be eligible, the earnings of a family of four cannot exceed 80% of the median income for a given area within Phoenix, which is about $63,200.

A similar idea has been tested in Alexandria, Virginia, where there is a guaranteed income pilot program that’s giving 150 participants $500 a month for two years.

This specific program runs through December of next year.

Even in Chicago, 5,000 low-income residents are getting $500 a month for one year as part of Chicago’s Resilient Communities pilot program.

Chicago‘s is actually the largest guaranteed income program in the country to date.

The first recipients started receiving their direct payments in July.

Evanston in specific is happy to be joining this larger guaranteed income movement, according to Mayor Daniel Bliss.

“These programs provide assistance with no strings attached, giving recipients the ability to spend the funds in the way that makes the most sense for them and their families,” he explained.

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The Sun has a full list of cities and states offering monthly direct payments.

Plus, you can check this out and see if you’re eligible for $2,000 monthly payments.

GettyPayment is distributed by debit card or direct payment depending on the city[/caption]

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