I’m an ex Target employee and different products are marked down on certain days – when you should go shopping to save

I’m an ex Target employee and different products are marked down on certain days – when you should go shopping to save

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THIS former Target employee reveals exactly which days you should go shopping to get markdowns on specific products in the store.

Sarah, a former Target worker, and shopping expert who goes by the username @xoxo_sarahkania on TikTok, posted a video revealing a few hacks that would be beneficial to know next time shoppers are at the store.

TikTok/ Target ProductsFormer Target employee Sarah (pictured) reveals a big secret for shoppers[/caption]

GettySarah explains that Target will mark down certain products on specific days before restocking with new inventory[/caption]

“One of those hacks being that certain days, some products will be marked down based off their category,” she says.

The reasoning behind this move from Target is to push out old inventory to make space for the new, according to Sarah.

Per Target’s habits, Sarah was able to create a schedule that indicates the changes and markdowns based on what is happening with the inventory.

“I’m going to go ahead and attach the schedule so that you guys know what specific days to go into Target if you’re looking for groceries, clothing, electronics, etcetera,” Sarah explains.

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Per the schedule that Sarah includes in her TikTok video, Mondays at Target have markdowns on several different items.

If you’re looking for discounts on baby necessities, kids’ clothing, accessories, electronics, gifts, or paper products, the markdowns will be there.


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On Tuesdays, Target has markdowns on a few other essentials, including groceries.

Women’s clothing, pet needs, and household accessories can also have discounts to get rid of the old and prepare for the new merchandise.


According to Sarah’s makeshift schedule from her knowledge as a former employee, Wednesdays offer markdowns on menswear.

Not to mention, there should also be deals on outdoor items and health and beauty care essentials.


Shoppers can find possible markdowns on home decor, luggage, and shoes if they head to Target on Thursdays.

Parents should also be able to find some great discounts on toys as well, with Target making room for the new ones to come in.


If you still can’t manage to get to Target during the work week until Friday, don’t fret.

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There should be markdowns on auto items, jewelry, and makeup according to Sarah’s schedule.

There appear to be no markdowns on weekends according to Sarah’s list, which most likely has to do with Target’s inventory schedule on weekdays alone.

TikTok/ Target ProductsSarah created a schedule (pictured) based on her knowledge of markdowns from her former job[/caption]

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