Today’s Savannah Guthrie shares photo of REAL skin without TV makeup after she overslept and nearly missed live show

Today’s Savannah Guthrie shares photo of REAL skin without TV makeup after she overslept and nearly missed live show

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SAVANNAH Guthrie has shared a photo of her REAL skin without TV makeup.

The Today co-host revealed in a fleet of natural-looking photos that she overslept and nearly missed her live show on Thursday.

GettySavannah Guthrie went makeup free as she rushed to Today on Thursday[/caption]

Instagram/@savannahguthrieShe revealed her real skin without TV makeup after she ‘overslept big time’[/caption]

Savannah, 50, shared some candid photos and videos to Instagram on August 11th – she was in a rush.

The first image saw her in the back of her car just 26 minutes before her NBC morning show was due to go on air.

“Overslept big time, it’s 6:34 am and I’m still in the car,” she captioned an Instagram Story.

Over the text was Savannah, smiling with no makeup.

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There were natural lines under here eyes and beauty marks galore, her blonde hair looked a bit darker than usual.

She wore a gold necklace that loosely hung by her casual black dress, but otherwise, the glitz and glam of network TV had not been applied.

The host then kept the humor driving ahead as she shared another candid Instagram Story of her running into the building.

She held her hands up as she smiled without makeup and wearing a bucket hat with a large tote bag.

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She later compiled the footage of the entire ordeal in an Instagram post.

“This is Thursday #hotmess” she wrote.

After the speedy snaps, she was glammed up by the “miracle workers” makeup team and then could be heard exclaiming as she walked onto the set at 6:54 a.m. “This is a miracle!”


Fans enjoyed that Savannah was keeping it real and looking natural in the process.

“Oooh this is refreshing and well done for making it and doing a fab job every day!!” one wrote under her Instagram compilation of the late morning.

“I love that you are so real! We all oversleep sometimes,” wrote another.

However a third tore: “Great but now work on the humility and kindness.”

Co-host Hoda Kotb was out last week amid the looming feud rumors between the two.

But Savannah’s co-host Craig Melvin made a joke at his colleague’s expense as he quipped: “You almost had the morning off as well.”

Explaining the situation to viewers, Craig said: “Savannah Guthrie rolled in about 15 minutes ago. She overslept. She is normal.”

The star admitted that she was a “big ole mess” as she didn’t have hair and makeup done before being glammed up.

She rushed in looking makeup free & fans were ‘refreshed’ by her natural sideInstagram/@savannahguthrie

Instagram/@savannahguthrieSavannah was primped for TV in her Instagram upload she captioned ‘#hotmess’[/caption]

Instagram/@savannahguthrieThe co-host announced she made the show with 6 minutes to spare[/caption]


Despite the real vibe of her wild morning, many accused Savannah of faking her sweetness while celebrating Hoda’s birthday this week – as she’s been out.

She posted four photos of the co-anchors together on Instagram, captioning them: “She is our sunshine happy birthday, @hodakotb!!!”

“I hope you mean it! Be real get real,” said one fan.

Another said: “She’s one class act! Beautiful in & out. Doesn’t have to try hard. Take notes Savannah!”

One Instagram user simply commented a side eye emoji.

“Hoping this is legit,” wrote another.

Hoda posted a photo with Savannah in return but some fans were worried it implied their preferred co-host was instead “leaving.”


A source close to production earlier told The Sun that despite their sunny dispositions on-screen, Savannah and Hoda secretly “can’t stand each other.” 

The insider said that Savannah “thinks of herself as a real news person,” while Hoda is seen as “the lightweight that drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford.” 

Viewers have noticed “tension” between the colleagues over recent weeks, as well as the anchors taking turns being absent from the morning show.

Viewers have called them out for seemingly trying to avoid each other on set and are calling for one of them to be fired, with many wanting it to be Savannah.

On July 15th’s episode, Savannah and Hoda teamed up for a cooking segment in the kitchen with cookbook author Elizabeth Heiskell.

As the chef was speaking and Savannah was mixing a salad, Hoda walked over to the table and asked: “Wait – are we done?”

Savannah replied, “Yea that’s it. Moving on. We’ll just move on, we don’t have time for all that,” as she dismissively waved her hand in front of Hoda and cut off the conversation.

The cooking cut-off was even joked about on a CNBC show when an anchor said: “Come on, Savannah!” referencing her shortness.

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A few days later on July 18th’s episode, the ladies welcomed Lizzo as a musical guest.

At one point, Hoda excitedly grabbed Lizzo’s hand during the live performance and left Savannah in the dust.

NBCSavannah & Hoda Kotb have taken turns going off-air for weeks – fans are convinced they’re feuding[/caption]

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