‘Danger to life’ alert TODAY as 70mph winds, heavy rain and floods spark yellow weather warning

‘Danger to life’ alert TODAY as 70mph winds, heavy rain and floods spark yellow weather warning

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A ‘DANGER to life’ alert has been issued today as 70mph winds, heavy rain and floods spark a yellow weather warning.

The Met Office has put a weather warning for wind in place until 11am this morning for Scotland, north England and Wales.

Residents in Newcastle battle the rain as yellow weather warning issuedNNP

Met OfficeA warning for wind and rain has been issued in parts of the UK[/caption]

Strong gusts of 50-60mph winds moved in from the south during the early hours of this morning and are forecast to reach between 60mph and 70mph as they move up the country.

People are being warned to expect some damage to buildings, longer journeys, road and bridge closures and powers cuts.

There is also a “small chance that injuries and danger to life could occur” because of flying debris and large waves, says the Met Office.

A warning of rain was also issued for parts of the UK today, mainly affecting Scotland, but is expected to ease off around 9am.

And for those travelling to work this morning, the Met Office warns your journeys might be longer due to spray and possible flooding on the roads.

People are being advised to stay at home during these conditions and drive only if necessary.

After the storm has passed, it’s recommended to check on elderly and vulnerable relatives to make sure they’re safe.

Met Office Meteorologist and resilience expert Will Lang, who leads responses in times of severe weather, said: “Severe winter weather can impact us all, but it’s important to remember that some are more vulnerable than others, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. 

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“Ahead of severe weather, I’d encourage anyone to check on people they know could be vulnerable and help them take steps to keep safe this winter.”

If you do experience flooding, you can contact the flood line for your area

Environment Agency – 0345 988 1188
Northern Ireland
nidirect – 0300 2000 100
Floodline – 0345 988 1188
Natural Resources – 0345 988 1188

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