Where is The Nigerian Gandalf ? Or is  Peter Obi not Aragorn – A Lord of The Rings Fan Theme to The Three Rings of Power in Nigeria Today

Where is The Nigerian Gandalf ? Or is Peter Obi not Aragorn – A Lord of The Rings Fan Theme to The Three Rings of Power in Nigeria Today

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A Lord of The Rings Theme to The Three Rings of Power in Nigeria Today A Summary of The Netflix and Peter Jackson Movie

Once Again Nigeria is being torn apart by Politicians. Relationships Marriages Friendships are not being spared … for the first time we have juggernauts from the East West and North All equally displaying their respective Ethnicities vis Religions and Moral n Nationalistic bents … From now on i am simply A Buhari Tom Bombadil  A  tri partisan  . i support all parties and i do not support one party .


The Twin Towers 

My Dear Friend King Durin of the Dwarves under the Mountain  I apologise to you . your Friendship means more than a couple of Ideas and Dreams thrust once more in a coming June 12 Crescendo via Morgoths and their Minions Sauron and Saruman

And Dear Articualted Orcs Its Adar Time once more  And as The Children of Adar you have a Right to Will good not evil . To choose the way that is Right not just for your people but for all Middle Nigeria . All are Children of Eru Iluvatatar

The Fellowship of the Ring

to all the Obidient Elves  i wish you The Best Of Lord  Peitolas. As Obidient Elves I hope this is not the New Dark Lord “Kanuzou” you all want to paddle on the ascension to the Halls of Mados in Valinor  and i pray He is not in that same Ship when it sails .

Understanding That   The Men from the  East need to be There As King over the Wood Elves  once again from the first Valar ( ) is no mean feat for those who haventt tasted it since  Lord Gandalf  Of the Obiji

Dearest Galadriel as a woman you have shown Skill Bravery and Determination . As a man as Peitolas you need to show  To The Men To The Dwarves To The Whole of Middle Earth  The Dangers That await . The Evil that rests That is waiting underr The Mines of Moria. The Balrogs of Kabals

To All The Nigerian Hobbits Who have Fought from obscurity to become Custodians and Heroes of Middle Earth . Once again you will be called in This Ring of  Power For naijanos  Bilbo Nyodor Wike Your Tookish Side will be revealed  .



2023 will not bring a Messiah but he will bring The True Lord of The Rings

All hail The  Men and Women of Numenor Naijanos

The King is coming . Aragorn is coming


We await the The Return of The King 

The King of Middle Earth The True Naijan


once again Lord of The Rings The Rings of power  is on netflix . you can download previous episodes here  www.video.i.ng

Lord of The Rings Middle Earth Trivia 


What nigerian Party do you think is more like The Lord of The Rings Races and Tribes World ?


a. Orc like





North South West East


What was the point of Tom Bombadil?
Many Lord of the Rings fans also say Tom Bombadil is actually the most powerful character in all of Middle Earth, due to his apparent immortality, ability to completely resist the Ring, power over his domain, and knowledge that comes from living since the beginning of time


One of the most powerful beings in all of Tolkien’s world, Morgoth strove for many years to take over Middle-earth and waged wars in order to do so. Sauron became a servant of Morgoth during this time, but Morgoth was eventually defeated at the end of the First Age.

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