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Trump Poses ‘Danger for the Republic’ if Re-elected, John Bolton Charges

John R. Bolton, the national security adviser at the time, with President Trump in the Oval Office in August.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of...

Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York, another of the impeachment managers, also criticized Mr. Bolton for refusing to testify in the House’s impeachment inquiry.

“He is a political opportunist and a profiteer — he had the opportunity to step forward,” Mr. Jeffries said on the ABC program “This Week.” “And he declined.”

Senator Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina, said on Sunday that Mr. Bolton should have testified under oath in the House’s impeachment inquiry of the president, so that he could have been cross-examined on the explosive details of his memoir.

“I do wish Mr. Bolton would have come into the House, under oath, and testified,” Mr. Scott said on “This Week.” “We would have more information about fact patterns that he suggests are true.”

Mr. Scott, however, was one of the Senate Republicans who voted against calling Mr. Bolton as a witness in the Senate trial. Mr. Bolton did not testify during House proceedings, saying he would wait to see how a judge ruled on White House objections. When the Senate took up the case, Mr. Bolton volunteered to testify if subpoenaed, but Senate Republicans blocked him and any other witnesses.

On ABC, Mr. Bolton defended himself, saying House Democrats mishandled the inquiry by moving too fast and focusing too narrowly on Ukraine, turning the issue into a “partisan catfight.”

“The House Democrats built a cliff, they threw themselves off it and halfway down they looked up and saw me and said, ‘Hey, why don’t you come along?’” Mr. Bolton said.

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