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Rivers Court Bars Giadom From Parading As APC Chairman

Victor Giadom


Another twist is emerging in the leadership controversy of the All Progressives Congress (APC) after a Rivers State High Court on Friday, granted an ex parte order restraining Mr Victor Giadom from parading himself as national chairman of the party.

Justice Florence Fibresima ruled that Mr Giadom is not qualified to act as chairman, having resigned as the APC Deputy National Secretary in 2018 to contest the 2019 general election as Deputy Governor of Rivers State.

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The court held that following his resignation, Giadom is no longer a member of the National Working Committee of the APC.

Mr Giadom was also barred by the court from taking any action on behalf of the APC in capacity of National Chairman or Acting National Chairman.

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When asked whether states should consider reversing the levels of reopening, Dr. Inglesby did not recommend a return to lockdown.

“Each state has a different story,” he said, adding that “leaders should be encouraging people to use the tools we know work.”

He said indoor gatherings like the president’s rally were a concern, as were outdoor demonstrations like the mass protests against police brutality, but to a lesser degree. “We know from what we’ve seen so far in the last few months,” said Dr. Inglesby, “that outdoors is less of a risk than indoors and that mask use has a major impact.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he noted, has advised that “the highest-risk gatherings are those that are large indoors, where people can’t stay apart from each other more than six feet, and where people travel from out of town. And this rally met all of those criteria.”

He and other public health specialists expressed concerns about the potential for a significant spreading event. Oklahoma has a rapidly rising infection rate, although its absolute numbers are still small. It had a record number of cases — 450 — and the last five days have been the highest the state has recorded. Deaths in that state have been in the single digits since the end of April.

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