Disney World Skyliner Gondola Abruptly Stops, Stranding Passengers in Air

One section of the Disney Skyliner gondola came to an abrupt stop on Saturday night, stranding passengers in mid-air.

The family didn’t think...

The family didn’t think anything was wrong at first, but then a loud message started playing in the gondola, telling them to stay seated and that there was an emergency pack — containing water, notepads, some bags and a glow stick — under the seat.

“In the moment it was definitely scary because it was the first time I had ever been on the Skyliner, in addition to it being only a few days old,” Mr. Wallace said in an email. He added: “My kids were crying for a while and my wife became very anxious. We started to use the glow stick and notepads to try and calm the kids down.”

The gondola started moving again after 11 p.m., Mr. Wallace said.

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