Syria, Houston Rockets, Nobel Prize: Your Monday Briefing

Chris Stanford

Cook: You can...

Cook: You can have challah French toast[1] on a weekday morning if you prep the night before.

Listen: DaBaby, the year’s breakout rapper, has just released “Kirk,” his third project in 12 months. Now comes the hard part[2].

Read: Leigh Bardugo, the author of young adult fantasy fiction like “Shadow and Bone” and “Six of Crows,” has written “Ninth House,” which features occult versions of Yale’s secret societies[3].

Go: “Slave Play,” a thought experiment on race relations, “is one of the best and most provocative new works to show up on Broadway in years,” our critic writes[4]. It’s at the John Golden Theater in Manhattan.

Smarter Living: If you’re concerned about digital privacy, David Pogue, our Crowdwise columnist, collected less-obvious ideas from readers[5]. For instance, be wary of public Wi-Fi networks, even ones with a password. People nearby could still see what you’re sending or receiving using free “sniffer” programs.


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