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Thomas D’Alesandro, 90, Ex-Mayor of Baltimore and Pelosi’s Brother, Dies

Thomas D’Alesandro III, center, in 2011. He was the mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971 and the brother of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

He is survived by...

He is survived by his wife, Margaret; his siblings, Nancy Pelosi and Nicholas D’Alesandro; his children, Thomas, Dominic, Nicholas, Patricia and Gregory; 10 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Mr. D’Alesandro, a Democrat, was elected mayor at a time when Baltimore’s public housing had deteriorated, crime was on the rise and the middle class was retreating to the suburbs.

During his first four months in office, he appointed more black people to posts than any predecessor had over an entire term, a city biography said.

“He was a transformational mayor,” said Peter Marudas, who served as Mr. D’Alesandro’s chief of staff. “He opened up the city politically.”

Robert Embry, who served as Mr. D’Alesandro’s housing commissioner, said Mr. D’Alesandro was a champion of civil rights.

Mr. Embry said that at a neighborhood meeting with a conservative civic group in northeast Baltimore in 1967 — just before Mr. D’Alesandro became mayor — he “was the only one in the room” to speak in favor of equal housing.

Mr. Marudas, who also served under Mr. D’Alesandro’s Republican predecessor, Theodore R. McKeldin,[1] said that Mr. D’Alesandro’s “patience and caring” as mayor ushered Baltimore through a “very difficult period.”


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